Choosing The Right Wedding Venue In Auckland

All couples want a very special wedding occasion. For that purpose, they plan this event by thinking on different brilliant ideas to make it memorable. Finding the best possible hotel for the biggest function room is important for some couples.

However, a few couples prefer to find a small villa or some secluded beach. No matter what is your wedding dream, you don’t have to go too far when you can find dozens of venue options in Auckland. There’s a considerable amount of variety in the Auckland City for any couple.

You don’t have to leave the region for your wedding event. Auckland’s dozens of hotels, nearby estates and boutique function rooms offer a rich variety of styles for the wedding occasion. You can have a look at some of these innovative venues for getting a better idea of what might work best for you.

Vineyards and Private Estates

Vineyards are some of the most popular wedding venues in the region. With plenty of space and gorgeous views, there won’t be a better place that is perfect for your special wedding ceremony.

There are Vineyards that also run popular high-quality restaurants like Waiheke Island, Mudbrick or Simunovich Olive Estate. If you don’t want to arrange catering service by yourself, then these Vineyards can offer you quite much of what is required for your wedding day or evening function.

Luxury Hotels

Some of the city’s elite hotels are adept in running a memorable function of whether your wedding ceremony or a business meeting. Beautiful rooms have the capacity to accommodate a large number of guests. The well-trained staff and remarkable catering services are ready for your special event at Auckland’s best hotels.

Best located hotels like the Holiday Inn offer both outdoor and indoor areas for your function. With spellbinding landscaped gardens, flower rows, freshly drawn styles are available for small to a large number of people. With an experienced hotel staff, many couples find it quite easier to plan their wedding occasion at the best hotel locations available.

Churches and Function Rooms

In the centre of Auckland city, there are many venue hire options for weddings or other gatherings. These areas are perfect for hosting a considerable size of guests at a wedding party. Those looking ahead to plan their function in a traditional way can enjoy the mesmerizing architectural styles of  St. Matthews the Anglican Church. If you want an amazing view, the Floating Pavilion alongside Viaduct Harbour is also a valuable choice.

However, a little research will help you find plenty of valuable venues in Auckland hotels that have their own unique look and style and are perfect for your wedding.

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